Monday, April 9, 2012

More project photos ...

Mesh market/beach bags - these bags are crocheted from sturdy 100% cotton yarn and stretch dramatically to hold a LOT of stuff! Use them at farmers' markets to hold all fruits and veggies or take them to the beach, stuffed with towels, flip-flops, a beach read and your shades! The handles are double-thick and very comfortable for over-the-shoulder use. I will have these in a variety of colors, including variegateds.

These spa facecloths are crocheted from luxuriously soft, long-staple cotton yarn. I plan to make a matching soap and sell them as a set. Great gift idea for Mother's Day, or a great gift for a BFF or coworker.

Next up are earrings. These are high-quality silver plated. I could work with sterling, but I want my projects to be affordable. Nothing that I sell is over $15 - the best price point for gifts. The first group contains some of my Wind Chime Earrings. They really do tinkle when you turn your head or in a breeze outside. I love the soft jingling in my ears. The beads are Swarovski crystals, so they catch the sunlight and twinkle.

And these are my Moon & Stars Earrings. I've combined moon and star charms with sparkling Swarovski crystals and have hung them from fine chain. Really pretty, and really fun to wear. They also tinkle slightly when you turn your head.

Uploading more photos soon!

In other news, my son surprised me with a credit card reader that hooks up to my iPhone. He got it all set up yesterday, so now I'm set to accept credit cards at shows. I've had a few people ask, and I've had to turn away a few sales, but now I won't have to! Very exciting stuff!