Sunday, March 25, 2012

Craft Project Photos

Just uploading some photos of recent soap projects.

Mash-Up Soap Slices - made from leftover bits and pieces of previous soap projects, all combined with a bit of glitter and some clear (or white) glycerin to hold everything together. I was a little worried about all the different scents playing nicely in the same bar, but I shouldn't have - it smells heavenly!

Lemon Poppyseed Donut Soap - and it actually smells like baked lemon cake. So yummy! The black sprinkles on top are real poppyseeds, which provide gentle exfoliation as you use the soap.
Pink Himalayan Salt Spa Bars. These are scented with Plum Tea, and smell good enough to lick, but don't! The salts add minerals and the bar also contains a honey layer for added skin benefits. I love using this one!
Part of the Clearly Naturals line, this bar is comprised of grated cocoa butter embedded in a hemp base. The soap is uncolored and unscented for those with sensitive skin (and noses). I'm fairly sensitive to odors, and I don't have problems with any scents that I use in my soaps, but I like having a line that just focuses on the lovely shades of the glycerin soap bases.
These are fun little soaps! The shot glass is clear soap, and the soap inside the glass is colored and scented to resemble a mojito or a limoncello shot. Such fun to smell, and even more fun to shower with!
These donut soaps are sented with toasted marshmallow fragrance oil and they smell delicately vanilla. The multicolored sprinkles on top are jojoba beads, which are moisturizing and exfoliating at the same time.
This is Bubbly Funk - another variety in my Clearly Naturals line. This one is comprised of aloe balls in a shea butter base. No colors and no scents - just pure glycerin soapy goodness.
I'll be adding lots more as I get them photographed! Stay tuned!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oh dear, I expected to be so much further along by now ... no blog posts, nothing for my online store yet (still have to design the background stuff and photograph products to sell). Still have to finish up soap packaging.

BUT, my first craft show is Saturday, March 3, at the Jarrettsville Volunteer Fire Co. on Rt. 165. I'm uber-excited about this show, and I'm hoping it goes really well. I have a second show scheduled right on the heels of the first one - March 10 at Glen Burnie High School. I know each show is different, but i'm hoping to get a really good feel for what will sell at these shows so I can concentrate on these things and not so much on other things. The only problem with these two shows is that I just have a week to restock if I sell quite a bit at the first one. But that will be a very, very good problem to have!