Monday, January 13, 2014

Where did the last week go?

Time just flew past last week and here it is Monday already!

I drove back to PA yesterday to pack up some of my stuff. I think I ended up getting about half of it moved, with the other half to come this Sunday. My brother is a genius at packing my car and managed to get just about everything I wanted to bring tucked into all the nooks and crannies. My daughter thinks I have a ton of crap and is looking forward to organizing all my various crafting supplies. She's only seen half of it ... LOL! I still don't have my work table, chair or task light here, so not much crafting will go on this week. But look out next week!

Still not panicking about the numbers - it's just January and I should be able to get started next week.

Finished Crafts 1/12/14
Amigurumi: 0
Soap: 0
Soap dishes: 0
Greeting cards: 0
Jewelry: 0
Miscellaneous: 0

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