Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Reason to Make Cupcakes!

Easter is coming soon. We don't do anything big - the kids get baskets and they'll probably go to their other grandmother's house for dinner with their parents. Or not - I don't know what the plans are at this point. Their preschool parties are this week: Mace's was Wednesday and Gavin's is tomorrow afternoon.

So this happened Tuesday evening for Mace's party:

And this happened tonight for Gavin's party:

Mace's comment: I ate some of my cupcake, Grammy, but I didn't like the crunchy stuff on the top (which was just yellow cake-decorating sugar). Gavin didn't seem fond of them either - he inhales sugar, but didn't want to try these.

The Peeps are hollowed out slightly, and the chicks are sitting on a chocolate egg and some spring-colored sprinkles, which will be a fun surprise when the kids eat them. The frosting is a slightly sweet cream cheese frosting, whipped until fluffy, and the lick of it I had was heavenly. I'm really hoping Gavin likes them ...

I love making cupcakes!

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