Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tangles ahead ...

After spending today drying in the sun, I've got some serious detangling and reskeining ahead of me tomorrow! With the exception of the green tonal and the teal/copper, all of these sock-weight skeins will become part of my Fruit Stripes line on Etsy - a collection of fruity candy colors that form random 2- and 3-row stripes when knit into a standard 64-stitch sock. The teal/copper will stripe; my sister-in-law just suggested some darker colors for fall/winter sock knitting.

 Side A: Teal/Copper, Blueberry/Lemon, Blueberry/Grape, Raspberry/Blueberry, Jungle Green, Peach-Mango/Grape, Lemon/Lime, Lemon/Orange, Orange/Raspberry.

Side B: Orange/Raspberry (hard to see difference between orange and pink in this photo), Lemon/Orange, Lemon/Lime, Peach-Mango/Grape, Jungle Green, Raspberry/Blueberry, Blueberry/Grape, Blueberry/Lemon, Teal/Copper.

Out of the 9 skeins I dyed yesterday, this Peach-Mango/Grape is my favorite, and it might even be my all-time favorite! I love the tonal shading in both the purple and orange sections. Sometimes when dyeing with food coloring and vinegar, purple can bleed blue and pink. There's a little bit of that going here, but not so much that it is distracting. I also blended pink and orange in the dye bath to get a streaked peachy shade that I love. Wouldn't this colorway be fun for Halloween socks?

Finished skeins will be listed on Etsy tomorrow! Woohoo!

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